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Tylane Barnes

head of schools

Tylane Barnes is a Texas certified teacher with a focus in K-12 Special Education.  Her passion for helping students achieve their maximum potential is what lead her to leave public schools and pursue a career in Early Childhood, as well as, elementary education.  After working for more than 10 years in public schools she realized two things: 1. students need a solid foundation in order to achieve high levels of success in secondary education 2.  it is equally as important for students to have a strong spiritual foundation in order to navigate school and life. 

She set out on a journey to achieve that about 4 years ago when she took over as CEO of Converse Christian School.  She has made it her mission to advocate for her students to ensure that they get all of the services that public schools are required to provide for students in their boundaries.  She has also made a commitment to small classroom sizes in order to make sure that teachers have enough time to provide support to the unique needs of every student that comes through the door.  Leading Converse Christian School is not just a job, it is a calling and one that she is committed to doing with excellence to the Glory of God.